Energy to climb Mt Rainier

Have you guys ever heard of Tony Robbins? I mentioned him in a post regarding  morning routines. His morning routine is really cool (literally). He does Contrast Bath Therapy and a thing called Priming every day. Check out the post. I've  heard about him for quite some time but never … Continue reading

Stand Up Paddling my way up to Mt Rainier

Hello everyone hope all of you are enjoying this summer weather! After moving to CT in mid-February warmer days were in my dreams every day and we finally got them! Summer had been great to us, and living on the Connecticut coast is awesome. There are some nice beaches and towns to visit. We … Continue reading

Running to the top of Mt Rainier

One of the RMI guides we met last year in Mt Rainier was Katie Bono who has the fastest ascent(& descent) on Mt Rainier. She did it in 4 hours 58 minutes  41 seconds. That my friends is impressive! Not a lot of people can climb Mt Rainier (as you all know from my first experience!) better … Continue reading

Mt Rainier Training Plan – Part 2

Hello everyone. Hope you are all having a wonderful winter! (Just two more day till spring though!) We actually moved to Connecticut in mid-February so have experienced some interesting weather the last couple of weeks but it’s been good for me to get a bit more comfortable walking on snow. … Continue reading

Morning Routine to reach my summit!

On Summit Day we woke up at 1 AM and barely slept 4 hours. It was a rough night. With the excitement of the upcoming day, being a bit scared on the outcome, and sleeping at 10K plus feet wasn't a perfect sleeping scenario and don't forget the other 15 people sleeping around you! As you all know … Continue reading